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The Gila Monster
itchy palms - better get following our band

gilasultimateplaylist: Our band, Itchy Palms - please take a listen.

Itchy Palms - My Name is Molly (Experimental)
My sister and I have a band called Itchy Palms. We experimented new elements in two of our songs and here is a preview.

We’re an amateur band that infuses genres such as grunge, punk, folk, psychedelic and rock into our music. We are raw, unpolished and contraversial.

I’m really positive about what we are doing so please take a listen and tell us what you think!
(Cover artwork does not belong to us).


Scans from 180 by Palma violets

(Source: blond-o-sonic)


She comes in colors, Shae DeTar